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What's New in Transifex

Learn about the latest updates to Transifex 🙌

June 2018

  • Team Managers can now access translation reports for the teams they oversee. This is helpful when working with an LSP and they need report data in order to invoice you for work that's been done.

May 2018

  • To make Transifex's CLI tool more secure and better compatible with CI tools, we've added support for environment variables and a --no-interactive mode for the tx pull command. Learn about v0.13.3.
  • You can now generate multiple API tokens and use unique tokens for different services.
  • In the Editor, you can now search for strings by Developer Notes and Instructions.
  • The Tags filter in the Editor now displays the list of tags you have and you can search by multiple tags. Additionally, the Issues filter has been updated so you can filter by Issue status (Open, Resolved, or None).
  • Next to each TM suggestion in the Editor, you'll now find more details about where it came from, including the original translator, project, resource, and translation date.
  • Bug fix: The API now returns a 429 error code instead of a 503 when you exceed your API rate limits.

April 2018

  • Our CLI tool now supports parallel requests so you can push/pull files more quickly. Learn about v0.13.2.
  • The Editor has a new search filter to help you find strings more easily. You'll find new filters such as "Translation text doesn't contain" as well as support for exact and whole word match searches.
  • There's a new report which shows you the number of translated, edited, and reviewed words per month per language. You can get this report from the Download CSV dropdown on the Reports page.
  • Transifex now supports generic YAML files which have no root element denoting the file’s language code. We've also released a new parser for Rails i18n compatible YAML files. Learn about the new YAML parsers.
  • String instructions and developer notes are now easier to see - they appear between the source string and the translation box. Learn more about it here.

March 2018

  • Spring is almost here. To help you clean your Translation Memory, we've added an option to “Overwrite existing TM” to the TMX import modal. Learn how you can clean up your TM.