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Translating Video Subtitles

In Transifex, you can translate subtitles while watching the video play inside the Editor. This helps you better understand what each subtitle means. A video must be linked to the subtitle file before you can see the it in the Editor.

Enabling the video player

If you want to have the video player on screen while translating, it's simple:

  • Go to the Editor, click the Gear icon settings_color.png#asset:1107 near the top right corner and choose Editor preferences.

  • Switch on Enable video editor.


The video player will replace the source string box that's normally in the Editor and the source subtitles will appear inside the video player.



Translating subtitles in the Editor is like translating any other file – click on a string, type a translation, and hit Save. The subtitles are synchronized with the video, which means:

  • When you click on a string, the video will jump to the point where that subtitle appears.
  • When the video plays, or if you skip to a different part of the video, the strings are highlighted accordingly.

Like any online video, you can play and pause it at any point.

Seeing subtitles in context

You can see the translated subtitles in the context - exactly how the translation will appear. There is a toggle button under the video player which allows you to choose to see the source or translated subtitles: