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Suggesting Translations for Crowdsourced Projects

When crowdsourcing mode is enabled for a project, you'll only be able to make translation suggestions and vote on them. The suggestion with the most votes and meets the minimum votes threshold will automatically become the selected translation for that string.

Adding suggestions

Here's how to suggest translations for a string in Transifex:

  • From the strings list on the left, click on the string you want to add a suggestion for. Your selected string will appear on the right hand side in the source strings box.

  • Click Add suggestion.

  • Type your suggestion into the suggestion box.

  • Hit Save.

Your suggestion will automatically get one vote (from you).

If a string has a Translation Memory suggestion, you can create a new suggestion from the TM entry and let others vote on it.

Voting on suggestions

When you see a suggestion you like, hit the vote button to the left of the suggestion to vote on it.

To keep things fair, you're only allowed to vote on one suggestion per string. But if you ever change your mind, or see another suggestion you like better, you can unvote, or vote for the other suggestion.

Please note, if you disable the crowdsourcing mode for a project, the suggestions shared by the community are kept, both ones that are saved as translations as well as the ones which are simple suggestions. The votes, however, will be deleted.