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Seeing Translation Memory Leverage


Seeing Translation Memory leverage before translations start is a feature available on the Premium plan and up.

Before translations begin, it's often helpful to see how many words have a Translation Memory match. This gives you a better estimate of how much new translation work needs to be done, and how much you can rely on the TM. For example, a resource that has mostly 95-99% TM matches is likely much easier to translate than one with mostly 60-65% matches.

To see the TM leverage for a resource:

  • From the project navigation, select the project that has the resource you want to look at.

  • Click Resources.

  • Click on the resource you'd like to look at.

  • Click the language you'd like to see the TM leverage for. In the popup, you'll see the breakdown of the TM leverage underneath the progress bar.



Please note that TM leverage stats are updated every 3 hrs.

When you click on a language popup window, it triggers the stats and the TM leverage is calculated based on the available suggestions. If you open the language popup window again within the following 3 hrs, the TM leverage won’t be forced to be updated. After 3 hrs, the TM leverage will be properly updated and the newly submitted translations will be taken into account.

Generate TM Leverage report

In order to generate TM Leverage report, click on the link "Generate this report for all resources", as shown in the screenshot below, and you will be redirected to the Reports page where this report can be requested. More information can be found in the section "TM Leverage report".