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Ordering Translations

If you need translations, but are not working with any translation vendors or community translators, you can order translations from one of the following translation partners:

  • Gengo – Gengo is a translation network powered by pre-screened native speakers.
  • e2f – e2f is a professional translation agency. They work inside Transifex, leveraging all the available tools, such as Translation Memory and Comments.
  • Lionbridge – Lionbridge is a professional translation agency. They work outside of Transifex. You'll need to get a Purchase Order number from them before you can order from Lionbridge.
  • TextMaster – TextMaster is a translation network powered by pre-screened native speakers.


Only Organization Admins can place translation orders.

To place a translation order:

  • From the project navigation in the Dashboard, select the project you want to order translations for.

  • Click the Order button in the header. You can also initiate an order from any Order button found throughout other parts of Transifex.

  • In the popup, select a translation vendor.


  • Set details such as translation quality, tone, and content type, then add any instructions which you would like the translators to see.

  • Select which resources you would like to include in your order. Only untranslated strings are sent for translation. You can also add resources from other projects to your order.

  • Choose the languages you want translations for. Here, you'll see for the selected resources how many untranslated words there are in each language.
    Note that your project's language codes (source & target languages) must match the ones that each vendor supports.

  • Review your order. If everything looks good, click Order.

You'll receive an email confirmation after placing your order. Turnaround times will vary from vendor to vendor.

Tracking your translation orders

Once you've placed an order, you'll be able to track its progress inside the Orders page, which is accessible from the main navigation. On this page, you also be able to see order details such as price, words, and languages. You can also filter orders by their status.


Comments from Translators

Translators may sometimes have questions about the meaning of a phrase in your order. If so, you'll receive an email notification with their comment or question. Click the link inside the email to send a reply to the translator.

Ordering from e2f

e2f's translators work inside Transifex. When you order translations from them, their translators will be added to the team(s) associated with the projects you ordered translations for, though they will only see the content that is part of your order. When the translations are complete, e2f's translators are automatically removed from your organization.