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Translating Offline

If you prefer to translate offline using a desktop tool, you can download the content from Transifex, then import the finished translations back into the project.

Getting the file for translation

To get a file for translation:

  • From the project navigation, select the project that has the file you want to translate.

  • Click Resources.

  • In the list of resources, select the one you'd like to work on.

  • Click on the language you want to work on.

  • In the popup, click either Download file to translate or Download for translation as XLIFF. A file will be saved to your computer.resource-details-popup.png#asset:167

If you chose the "Download file to translate" option, the file you get will be in the same file format as the source file in the project.


#1: XLIFF support is only available on the Growth plan and up.

#2: XLIFF options in a language pop-up window can be used only when the file format of the source file is different from XLIFF. That way, users can download/upload their translations using XLIFF as an intermediate file format.

When you're done translating the file, you can import the translations to Transifex.

Getting the Translation Memory

In addition downloading a file for translation, you can also get the TMX file and import it to your tool.