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Translating HTML Files


This feature only works with HTML files.

HTML files often have special markup that shouldn't be translated. If translated, the website might break. Within Transifex's Editor, you can view HTML as readable text without losing the formatting.

Here's how:

  • Let's say you have the following string: <code>markup</code>, which only has one word that needs to be translated. To hide the HTML markup, click the Gear icon settings_color.png#asset:1107 at the top of the Editor and check the box next to Enable HTML editor. The markup becomes hidden and phrase is bolded. You'll see this change in the translation box as well.

  • Translate the string like you would any other text. Be careful not to delete the whole grayed out word or phrase; otherwise, the markup will be lost. So we recommend translating those piece by piece. You can always check that all HTML markup is still there by hitting the Toggle HTML button.


If a word or phrase with HTML markup is deleted in the translation box, no need to panic. Just click the Copy source string button and start over again.