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Transifex Content Delivery Service

The Transifex Native SDK retrieves translated content via an intermediate service, called the Content Delivery Service (CDS). It works similarly to a CDN and serves all translations from a cache, so that the retrieval is fast.

We offer a cloud-based CDS instance at Transifex that you can optionally host yourself, so that translations are served directly from your servers. In order to do that, you need to provide its host in the settings file of your project.

Below is an example for a Django project:


The Content Delivery Service (CDS), makes sure that your translations are decoupled from Transifex servers and can be used even if your application is not directly connected with Transifex.

The CDS is responsible for:

  • Management of the content you want to push to Transifex through Transifex Native SDK, regardless of the framework you are using.
  • Fetching, storing and updating the latest translations from Transifex so that they are available to your applications


Transifex Native is currently in BETA. To learn more about the solution or to have a hands on experience get in touch with us.