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Reports is a feature available on the Advanced plan and up. Only Admins can access Reports.

Reports in Transifex show you how many words were translated, edited, and reviewed by your translators, along with the Translation Memory leverage used. It's useful for seeing who your most active translators are, or figuring out how much you should pay your translators and reviewers.

Using Reports

Here's a look at how Reports work:

  • Click the Reports tab in the main navigation.

  • Use the filters at the top to filter the data by project, language, or date. For instance, it's easy to find out who worked on Chinese translations for your iOS Transifex project in June.


  • To sort data in a column, click on the header bar above that column. Click once to sort by ascending order. Click it again to sort by descending order.

  • To download a copy of your report as a CSV file, click the Download CSV button in the header.

Translated vs. edited vs. reviewed words

The main metrics in Reports are translated, edited, and reviewed words. Here's what each one means:

  • Translated Words – Translated words are the number of newly translated words. Only the first translation for a string is counted. This means each source string only appears in the new words count once.
  • Edited Words – Edited words are changes made to an existing translation. It's important to note that Edit words are not reviewed words.
  • Reviewed Words – Reviewed words are translations that have been marked as reviewed or proofread.

For all of these metrics, the count is based on the number of words in the source string. As an example, if you have the source string "Hello world" and it was translated to "Hello," the new word count would be 2, not 1.

Translation Memory Leverage

Next to the new word count in the report, there are bar charts showing the TM leverage for the new words translated. With it, you can see how much a translator was able to rely on TM for the new words they translated.



The TM leverage information in Reports shows the leverage of translated strings. The other TM leverage view shows you the TM leverage of untranslated strings.