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Besides setting translation checks offered by Transifex, for more detailed linguistic quality assurance and review, a good idea might be to use a third-party provider specializing in linguistic quality assurance.

lexiQA is an online, API-based linguistic quality assurance tool for translation and localization. Being entirely cloud-based, it operates alongside Transifex to provide locale-specific checks and a streamlined workflow. The API integration allows for automatic updates in your Transifex translation files directly through lexiQA's platform, ensuring speed and consistency throughout the process.

You would need to have an account with lexiQA to be able to use their service. This is not part of your Transifex subscription but an additional third-party service.

  • Create a new project in lexiQA. 

  • Choose Transifex, to import the resource files from your Transifex project.


  • Log in to your Transifex account with your Transifex credentials.

  • You’ll see the list of all your Transifex projects and resource files. Search for the required files, select them and click on “Save” to save them into your lexiQA project.

  • You’ve added your Transifex files to the lexiQA project. Now you can run a report, access lexiQA’s editor to review the file within lexiQA, then export the reviewed file back to Transifex. 


  • Learn more about lexiQA
  • Video on how lexiQA works with Transifex