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Creating Translation Teams


Only Organization Administrators can create a team. If you don't have any projects in your organization yet, a team will be automatically created for you when you create your first project.

Teams work to get your projects translated. If you're translating with your community or an agency, you'll need to create a team and invite collaborators to join the team before translations can start. If you plan to only order translations from our partners, you can simply create a team and skip inviting collaborators.

To create a translation team:

  • In the main navigation, click on the Teams tab.

  • Click on the Create new team button in the header.

    teams-overview-empty.png#asset:344A new team will appear on the page among the list of existing teams. New teams are always named Team # (where # is a number).

To rename a team:

  • Find the team you want to edit from the list of teams

  • Click on the gear icon settings_color.png#asset:1107 for that team.

  • In the popup, enter a new name into the Team name field.


  • Hit Apply to make the changes.


If the option "Automatically accept requests from translators to join your team" is enabled, any join team request is automatically being approved. The requester becomes a member of the translation team without waiting for the team manager or language coordinator to manually approve him/her as a new collaborator.

You're now ready to invite collaborators to join the team!