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Announcements and Discussions

With announcements and discussions, you can share important updates or instructions with other people in your organization, as well as talk about how something should be translated.

What's the difference between the two? Announcements work on a project level, whereas discussions happen on a team level. By default, everyone involved involved in a project will get notified of any project announcements. Likewise, team members will be notified of any team discussions.

Sending an announcement

To send an announcement:

  • Select a project from the project navigation in the Dashboard.

  • Click Announcements.

  • Click the Add announcement button in the header.project-announcements.png#asset:430

  • Add a subject for the announcement and type your message.project-new-announcement.png#asset:431

  • Hit Add to send the announcement.

Starting a discussion

To start a discussion:

  • Go to the Teams page from the top navigation.

  • Look for the team you want to start a discussion in and click the Speech icon bubble.png#asset:1112.

  • Click New discussion in the header.

  • In the dropdown, specify whether you want this discussion to be for all languages on a team, or just a specific language.

  • Add a subject for the discussion and type your message.teams-new-discussion.png#asset:429

  • Hit Add to start the discussion.