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Uploading Screenshots


Visual Context is only available on the Advanced plan and up.

With Visual Context, you can map (associate) strings from your files to screenshots that you upload to Transifex. When your translators are working in the Editor, they’ll be able to view these screenshots and better understand what each string means.

Here’s how to upload screenshots to Transifex:

  • From the Dashboard, pick the project you want to upload screenshots for.

  • Click on Context.

  • Drag and drop one or more image files from your computer into the upload area, or hit the Browse images button to select images from your computer.visual-context-upload-screenshot.png#ass

  • Once you've selected your file(s), you'll have the option of editing the name of the screenshot.screenshot-file-name.png#asset:1187

  • Click Upload File when ready. If you’re uploading multiple screenshots, you’ll have to repeat this step a few times.