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Enabling Translation Memory Autofill

You can automatically use 100% TM matches as translations whenever new content is uploaded. This will save you from needing to retranslate those strings or copy TM suggestions into the translation box.

To enable TM Autofill:

  • From the Dashboard, click on the project you want to enable TM Autofill for.

  • Click on Settings.

  • In the submenu, click on Features.

  • Scroll down to the Translation Memory section and check the box next to Fill up resources from TM.project-settings-features.png#asset:717

  • Click the Save Changes button.

The autofill process may take several minutes to run after you upload a new file or update an existing one.

Fill up resources from TM on demand

If you have TM Autofill enabled, it'll run whenever you upload a new file or update a file in your project. But it won't run automatically in these two situations:

  • When you add new languages to your project 
  • When you enable Fill up resources from TM after uploading or updating a file

To trigger TM fillup manually, head to the Features tab in your project settings and click the Fill up all resources button at the bottom.