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Adding Terms to a Glossary

A glossary is empty until you add terms to it. When you add a term, you'll be able to specify its part of speech, add a translation for each project language, and include comments about the term and translations. There are a few ways you can add terms to a glossary from within Transifex.

Adding terms directly to a glossary

To add terms directly to a glossary:

  • Head to your Organization Settings from the main navigation.

  • On the left menu, click on Glossary.

  • Find the glossary you'd like to add a term to and click on the View glossary icon glossary_color.png#asset:1099.

  • Click the Add term button near the top right corner.

  • In the popup, type the term you'd like to add to the glossary, select a part of speech, then hit Add term.glossary-term-popup.png#asset:894

  • Back in the glossary, select the target language you want to add the translation for.glossary-page.png#asset:893

  • Look for the term you added earlier. Then on the right side, click on Add a translation.

  • Add the translation for that term, then click Save.

Adding terms to a glossary from the Editor

You can add terms to the glossary while in the Editor:

  • From within the Editor, navigate to the Glossary tab.editor-glossary.png#asset:546

  • Click Add term.

  • Type in the term you'd like to add to the glossary, select a part of speech, and the translation for the term. Including a translation is optional.

  • Click Add term to add the term to the glossary.

The term will be added to the glossary associated with the selected project.

Adding notes to glossary terms

Once a term has to been added to the glossary, you'll be able to provide even more context about the term by adding a note. To add a comment:

  • Head inside the glossary you want to edit.

  • From the language dropdown, select the language you want to edit.

  • Either search for the term or pick from the list.

  • Under the term, click on Click to add a note.glossary-add-note.png#asset:914

  • Add your note, then hit Save.

Uploading an existing glossary

Besides directly adding terms to a glossary from inside the platform, Transifex also lets you upload a pre-existing glossary. This is handy when you have a pre-existing glossary, or you have many terms and you want to create it offline before adding it to Transifex.

Who can add terms to a glossary?

Anyone involved with a project can add terms and definitions to a glossary from within Transifex. However, only Organization Admins can upload glossaries.