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Simply point, click and update resources directly from Bitbucket with no coding. With the new Bitbucket Integration you will be able to connect a localization project in Transifex with a specific repository in Bitbucket using only the Transifex user interface.

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Figma Integration

Accelerate your localization workflow and go to market faster by bringing your Product, Design and Localization teams closer with our Figma plugin. Easily send your design texts from Figma to Transifex to get them translated. Pull the translated texts back to Figma, and check if there are any i18n or translation issues before coding begins. Let your designers preview the localized designs and make all necessary adjustments, right away, to avoid costly delays in refactoring localization bugs. Boost collaboration between your designers and translators. Deliver new digital experiences faster

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Those that utilize Slack as a central communication tool in their workflow can receive notifications and track progress using a preferred Slack communication channel.

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lexiQA is an online, API-based linguistic quality assurance tool for translation and localization. Being entirely cloud-based, it operates alongside Transifex to provide locale-specific checks and a streamlined workflow.

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Use webhooks to get notified whenever a target language of a resource has fully been translated, reviewed or proofread, and when translation fill ups are completed.

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Generating an API Token

You need to generate an API token to use many of our integrations and features. This includes the API, Figma and Zendesk. When using a token, the username field should be set to "api" and not your username.

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Edit Source Strings

No need to rely on developers to fix minor typos and wording in source text by having them continuously upload source files. Such limitations cause delays in the localization process which means that tight deadlines might have failed to be met. Project maintainers can improve the wording in the source text by using the Transifex Web Editor. Customers who want to ensure proper grammar and alignment with other resources (marketing emails, Company’s Website) can now simply use the Translation editor in the same manner that they translate strings to other languages. After all the quality of the source text does matter.

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