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Working with PDF files

Working with PDF files in Transifex is supported by converting to DocX, HTML, PPTX, or XLSX files. In case your PDF contains tabular data, please consider conversion to XLSX.

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Translation Memory with Context

Translation Memory Fill-Ups can now occur based on context for users of XLIFF, PO, XLSX and QT file formats. A string which has multiple meanings will now be saved in Translation memory along with its context. This will help differentiate the meaning in cases where the same string is included in your project(s) more than once.

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Simply point, click and update resources directly from Bitbucket with no coding. With the new Bitbucket Integration you will be able to connect a localization project in Transifex with a specific repository in Bitbucket using only the Transifex user interface.

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Edit Source Strings Online

No need to rely on developers to fix minor typos and wording in source text by having them continuously upload source files. Such limitations cause delays in the localization process which means that tight deadlines might have failed to be met. Project maintainers can improve the wording in the source text by using the Transifex Web Editor. Customers who want to ensure proper grammar and alignment with other resources (marketing emails, Company’s Website) can now simply use the Translation editor in the same manner that they translate strings to other languages. After all the quality of the source text does matter.

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Transifex Native overview

Transifex Native is a collection of tools that allow for easy localization of your applications. Install the provided SDK, push or pull content for localization directly with Transifex without the need for a file.

With this solution Transifex serves a development environment where parallel development and multiple releases are the norm, perfectly matching the current development flow (Continuous Iteration/Continuous Development). Localization becomes a seamless part of the development cycle. Engineers have no delays or additional steps to manage localization. Transifex Native runs in parallel with minimal supervision.

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