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Understanding User Roles

Learn about the different user roles in Transifex – Organization Administrator, Project Maintainer, Team Manager, Language Coordinator, Reviewer, and Translator – and the different permissions each one offers.

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Get a quick view into the status of your translation projects and what remains to be done from the Dashboard.

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Setting Translation Checks

Learn how to set translation checks and automatically make sure specific conditions are met in translations.

In case custom variables are used in your code, you can also create your own placeholder delimiters and ensure they are preserved in translations.

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Social Login

Link a social account to your existing Transifex account, or sign up for Transifex using a social account such as your GitHub or Google account.

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Use webhooks to get notified whenever a target language of a resource has fully been translated, reviewed or proofread, and when translation fill ups are completed.

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Introduction to the Client

The Transifex Client is a command-line tool that lets you easily work with large volumes of translation files. It works much like git: using the client, you're able to sync files between your local device and Transifex without a UI.

Whether you have experience with the command line or not, this interactive tutorial is intended for everyone who wishes to learn how the Transifex client works. There is no need to download anything - Just click on the link provided above, and follow the instructions.

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tx status is a command that displays the existing project configuration in a human readable format.

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