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Transferring a Project to Another Organization


Only Organization Administrators and Project Maintainers can transfer projects to another organization.

Sometimes, you may want to give ownership of a project to another organization.

To transfer a project to another organization:

  • Go to that project's settings page.

  • Click the Change ownership link in the header.


  • In the popup, type in the slug of the organization you want to transfer your project to. For example, the Transifex organization lives at www.transifex.com/transifex/. If you wanted to transfer a project to the Transifex organization, you'd type in "transifex".


What happens when you transfer a project

When a project is transferred to another organization:

  • The team translating the project does not get transferred. A new team will be created in the organization that the project was transferred to, and it'll have the same languages as the languages in the transferred project.
  • All translations will be preserved.