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Preventing Translation Edits

Locking a resource

In Transifex, you can lock a resource and prevent translators from submitting new translations or editing existing ones. This is useful if you're waiting for new content to be pushed to Transifex and don't want translators work on anything yet, or if you're happy with the translations and don't want any changes before they go live.

Here's how you can lock a resource if you're a Organization Administrator or Project Maintainer:

  • From the project navigation in the Dashboard, click on the project with the resource you'd like to lock.

  • Click on Resources.

  • From the list of resources, click on the one you want to lock.

  • Click on Settings.


  • In the popup, uncheck Your translators can translate resource strings.resource-settings.png#asset:218

  • Click Save settings to lock the resource.

After that, your resource look like this:


Members of the team assigned to the project won't be able to enter the editor and work on that resource. If they try, they'll see the following message:


Note that when a resource is locked, you can still update the source content and download translation for use.

Locking strings

If you would like to prevent certain strings from being translated into all languages, you can use two smart tags: 

  • notranslate: When you tag a string with notranslate, the translator will only be able to copy the source string into the translation box.
  • locked: When you tag a string with locked, the translator can't make edits to translations in the translation box. This is useful when you want to make sure a particular existing translation should not be modified anymore by translators.

Only Admins and Project Maintainers can add tags to strings.

If you would like to prevent certain strings from being translated into particular languages, you can use the smart tag in the following format: 


(ex. locked_it, locked_pt, locked_es_ES). Please note that this tag is not case sensitive: both pt_BR and pt_br are considered the same. 

For all these tags, you can enable the following translation check (as error or warning):