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Moving Content from One Project to Another

Sometimes you need to transfer everything from one project to a new one. For example, when you want to change a project's source language or merge two projects. You can do this manually, or use the following script to automate this process. It's written in Python and uses Transifex's API .

Script for moving a project's content

This script transfers all the source files and their translations to a new project. You just need to have the new project assigned to the same team as the old project, or to a new team that has the same languages.

A few important things to note before running the script:

  • Translations should be unreviewed if you want the translators' names to be preserved in the new project after the transfer. Otherwise, the user who ran the script will appear as the translator.
  • String instructions added through the Editor will not be transferred.
  • The date and time of the translation will be changed to the time of the transfer.