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Introduction to Projects and Resources

Transifex helps you manage translations of your apps, website, documents, and more. Each Transifex organization is organized around projects and resources. Before we dive into how you can create a project or add content for translation, let's walk through what resources and projects are.

Resources are content you're translating along with their corresponding translations. Let's say you're translating a file named file.po (the source file) from English into French and German. When you upload file.po to Transifex, Transifex will automatically create two new files for you – file_fr.po and file_de.po. These new translation files will hold your French and German translations, respectively. Together, the three files form a single resource in Transifex.


Once you understand what resources are, it's easy to understand Projects. Projects are simply a collection of resources. You can create as many projects as you need, and there's no limit to how many resources can be in a file.

Organizing projects and resources

Projects can be organized in any way you like. However, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It's generally best to group related content into a single project. For example, one project for your iOS app, and another for your website.
  • Each project is translated to one or more languages (target languages). If you have content that needs to be translated to separate sets of languages, create separate projects for them.
  • Each project is also assigned to a team of translators and reviewers. If you have two resources which you wish to be translated by two different teams, put them in separate projects.