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Enabling Crowdsourcing Mode


Crowdsourcing mode is only available on the Premium plan and up.

Crowdsourcing translations can be a great localization workflow if you're looking to engage your user community. With Transifex, you can enable crowdsource mode for a project and let your community suggest translations for strings and vote on the ones they think are best. It's a more engaging translation experience and allows your community to really be a community where everyone can feel like they're participating.

Enabling crowdsourcing mode

To turn on crowdsourcing mode for a project:

  • From the project navigation, select the project that you want to enable crowdsourcing mode for.

  • Click Settings.

  • In the Workflow tab, head to the Translation section and select the Crowdsourcing Translations option.


  • For each phrase, the suggestion with the most votes will be automatically used as the translation. To ensure quality, you can require a minimum number of votes before a suggestion is used.

  • Hit Save changes in the header to confirm.

It'll take a few minutes for crowdsourcing mode to be turned on for your project.

Heads up!

When you enable crowdsourcing mode, reviewed strings will lose their reviewed status. The reviewed status will not come back even if you disable crowdsourcing mode. Please proceed with caution.