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Downloading Translations


This article only applies to file-based projects.

Once translations are done, you can download them for use. For each source file you uploaded previously, you'll have a separate file for every target language you translate to. So if you were to upload file.po and translate it to French and Spanish, you'd have file_fr.po and file_es.po as the files for use.

There are a number of ways you can download translations for use.

Downloading translations for a specific language

To download the translations for a specific language:

  • From the project navigation in the Dashboard, click on the project that has the translations you want to download.

  • Click the Resources link.

  • Click on the resource you want to download translations for.

  • From the list of languages, select the language you'd like to download translations for.


  • In the popup, hit Download for use, which includes only translated strings in the file. Or hit Download only reviewed translations, which includes only reviewed strings in the file. In case the proofread step has been enabled then the option Download only proofread translations will be available instead.resource-details-popup.png#asset:167

    Please note that the options Download file to translate, where untranslated source strings show a blank translation field, where translations need to be added, and Download for translation as XLIFF are for translators who wish to translate the files outside of Transifex.

    In order to get a more detailed description about how each option behaves for a particular file format, visit the links below depending on your file format.

Downloading a ZIP file with all translation files

As an alternative to downloading files one by one, you can download a ZIP file containing the source file and all the translation files from a single resource:

  • Downloading a ZIP file with all translation files

  • Click the Resources link.

  • Click on the resource you want to download translations for.

  • Click on three vertical dots at the upper right corner and then Download all translations (ZIP) link.


  • Use the checkboxes to specify whether you want only 100% translated or 100% translated and reviewed or 100% reviewed and proofread files in the ZIP. If you leave the boxes unchecked, your ZIP file will contain one file for each of your target languages, regardless of whether the translations for that language are complete.


  • Hit Request ZIP.

When the file is ready, you'll receive an email with the download link.

Using the API or command-Line client to download translated files

If you want to further automate your localization process, you can use Transifex's API or command-line client and integrate with your build process. This way you can automatically push updated content to Transifex and pull translated files when they are complete.