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Creating a Project


Only Organization Administrators can create projects in Transifex.

Projects house the content you're translating, and so you'll need to create a project before you can add any content to Transifex for translation.

To create a project:

  • Navigate to your Transifex Dashboard and click the Create new project button at the bottom left corner.


  • Give your project a name. This can always be changed later.

  • Select whether you want your project to be private or public. Private projects are only visible to people you invite as collaborators to your project in Transifex; public projects can be discovered by anyone online.

    If you're crowdsourcing translations, it's recommended to make your project public.

  • Choose a project type. File-based projects use traditional localization files such as .po and XLIFF. Live projects use Transifex Live, our JavaScript-based technology translating websites without files.project-create-types.png#asset:100

  • Pick a team to assign the project to. Or if you don't have any teams yet, select the "Create a new team for this project."

  • Select the source and target language(s) of your project. The source language is the language you're translating from, and target languages are the ones you're translating to. The source language cannot be changed once you create your project, but you can always change your target languages later.


  • Click the Create project button when you're ready.

Selecting project languages

If you plan to order translations from one of our translation partners, your project's source language must be set to English (en) or English (US) (en_US), and the target languages you choose must exactly match the ones supported by your selected vendor. For example, if a vendor only supports French (France) (fr_FR) and not general French (fr), you should choose French (France) (fr_FR) as your target language. You can see which locales each vendor supports by going to the Order Wizard and going to the Languages step (just don't place the order at the end).