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Categorizing and Prioritizing Resources

To make it easier to know what a resource is about and which ones to work on first, Transifex lets you categorize and prioritize resources.

Categorizing resources

Categories are like labels or tags, and provide you with an extra level of hierarchy for organizing your resources.

To categorize a resource:

  • From the project navigation in the Dashboard, select the project with the resource you want to categorize.

  • Click the Resources link in the left menu.

  • From the list of resources, pick the one you want to add a Category to.

  • In the header, hit Settings.

  • From the popup, type a category name into the Category field then press the Enter or Return key. You can add as many categories as you like.


  • Hit Save settings to finish labeling the resource with the new categories.

When you return to the list of resources, you’ll see the categories listed next to each resource name.

Prioritizing resources

If you have a set of resources within a project, but need some to be translated before others, you can mark those resources as either high or urgent priority so translators work on those first.

To prioritize a resource, head to your list of resources and click on the space to the left of a resource name to toggle through the priority options.


You can give each resource one of the following three priorities:

  • Normal normal_priority.png#asset:214
  • High high_priority.png#asset:215
  • Urgent urgent_priority.png#asset:216