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Managing existing tasks


Task Management is currently available in private beta. If you're interested in trying it out, please contact us.

Managing created tasks is performed in the Team Tasks page under Tasks from the main navigation menu.


In this page users can see all tasks they either manage or are assigned as translators to.

Users that manage tasks can perform a set of actions to:

Filter tasks of interest


Using a combination of filters and sorting options of the filters component you can preview a list of the tasks you are interested in. In the beginning of this section you can find a detailed description of each available filter while after that follows some specific usage examples.

All available filters are:

  • Status, of a task with four possible values open, in-progress, delivered and cancelled. Each value represents a different state of the task.
  • Due, that is about the due date of the task.
  • Creation, referring to the date that a task was created.
  • Assignee, to filter by a specific collaborator in your team
  • Language, referring to the target language of a task
  • Project, referring to the project that the task was created for.

All the above are available as sorting options too. Task progress is also available as a sorting option. Using an option on the sorting dropdown you can set your selection in ascending or descending order.

Filtering usage examples

Combining filtering and sorting options you can drill down to specific tasks of interest. Following are some usage suggestions:

  • Find all in-progress tasks that are due. To do this you need to filter tasks by `status:in_progress` and sort by Due in descending order. This will bring on top of the list all tasks that are in-progress with the oldest due date.
  • Find tasks that no one is working on. Use filters `status:open assignee:none`
  • Find tasks that you have planned to be ready by a specific date. Suppose that your date of interest is May 4 2018, use filter `due:2018-05-04`. If you want to narrow it down to a specific project, assuming the project is 'Lucas' then your filters are `due:2018-05-04 project:lucas`.
  • Find all tasks in progress from a specific assignee. Let's assume that the assignee's username is 'Rey' then your filters are `assignee:rey status:in-progress`
  • Health status check on a specific language and project. Assuming for a project named 'Lucas' in the German(de) language, use filters `project:lucas language:de`. You can sort results by task status to see how the tasks are being worked on, or sort by progress to check how much work is already completed or missing.

These are only a few examples on filters usage. Combining more filters together you can get more refined results.

Preview a task and check more details

Checking the task list displayed on the Team Task page you can have a quick overview of each task.


From this view you can check a task's status (open, in-progress, delivered or cancelled), progress, word count, due and creation dates, assignee, language and project.

Tasks that are still open or in-progress and their due date is in the past, their due date is displayed in red to easily identify them.

You can check more details of a task by hovering you mouse over the task of choice and clicking View details in the dropdown with options, seen below.


This will navigate you in the task details page for the specific task. In this page you can get the full details about the created task along with some actions you can perform.


Additionally, using the History tab you can see a list of events on the selected task.


Change assignee or due date

Visiting the task details page as a user that can manage tasks you will see three available tabs with the last one called Settings. Selecting this tab you will see the options to edit the task's due date and assignee.


If the due date of a task is modified, then the assignee will properly be informed via both in-app and email notification.

  • in-app notification


  • email notification


In case you change the assignee for that task an email and an in-app notification will be sent to the new assignee about the work assigned.

Cancel a task

In case a task is considered invalid or some work or planned delivery of localization work is aborted, you can cancel a task to inform your translators that the assigned strings are not a priority.

Tasks that can be cancelled are either in open or in-progress status.

To cancel a task:

  • Find the task in the Team task list page and click the Cancel task option on the dropdown menu of that task.

  • After that, you will be requested to do a final confirmation before canceling the task:


An alternative way to cancel a task is to enter the details page of the task and click on the Cancel task action at the bottom right corner of the details tab.


When a task is cancelled the assignee is informed via email:


and in-app notification: