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Create tasks with a specific due date


Task Management is currently available in private beta. If you're interested in trying it out, please contact us.

To create tasks with a specific due date:

  • Go to Tasks and select the Team Tasks tab.


  • Click on the Create tasks button on the top right corner to see the tasks creation wizard.


  • On the task creation wizard that opens select the project and languages you want for your translation tasks and click Next.


  • On the next step, setup the size and due date for each translation task, and click Next to proceed.


    You can read more about this step in the Appendix section.

  • On the Summary step you can review your selected options and click Create tasks when ready.


Task creation takes sometime so you will need to revisit the Team Tasks page to see all created tasks.

Every time new tasks are created, collaborators that can manage the created tasks will be notified via email. The email will include a sum for the created tasks and a button leading to the Team Tasks page with the newly created tasks filtered.


Read managing created tasks about who is receiving this email.


Below you will find a detailed description on how to create tasks. There is a detailed explanation for every step of the wizard.

Content selection to create tasks for


In this step you will see a list of all the projects you can manage. Selecting a project you will see all the available target languages of that project. From this interface you can check which languages you want to create tasks for.

Unavailable languages are disabled and have a warning icon displayed. Hovering that warning icon with your mouse you will see the reason that the specific language is disabled.

Translation task settings


In this step you can setup the size and due date for the tasks that will be created.

To set the size of the task you add an approximate word count per task. Because the content in Transifex is stored in strings, that can contain many words, any created tasks will try to match as close as possible this word count setting.

To set the due date for each task you can add hours to delivery. The hours value you set is relevant to the current date. After adding a value there is a help text converting the hours you added to your local time.

Summary preview


This final step is used to preview your settings and validate that everything is as expected. In case you want to make any changes to your settings navigate to the respecting step using the navigation links on the left side of the wizard.