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Introduction to Transifex Live

Transifex Live makes it easy to translate your web app or website. It works through a snippet of JavaScript you add to your site, similar to Optimizely or Google Analytics. With Transifex Live, you’re able to:

  • Save content for translation directly from your website to Transifex without using files.
  • Translate and review your website in context (think WYSIWYG).
  • Publish translations on the fly without engineering dependencies.

There are two ways to use Transifex Live – directly on your site, or within Transifex itself. Both let you do the things mentioned above and show you the same information, so you can switch between the two as needed. We’ll look at the two options and the benefits of each.

Using Transifex Live on your site

The on-site version of Transifex Live works through a small sidebar that’s loaded on top of your website through the Live JavaScript snippet. From the sidebar, you’re able to save content to Transifex, translate it, and publish translations.



Don't worry, visitors to your site won't see the sidebar!

The on-site version of Live has a few advantages over the in-app version:

  • Because it runs on your site (instead of inside an iFrame), pages load faster and it’s quicker to navigate around your site.
  • It lets you translate content that’s behind a login, e.g. private pages or parts of a web app only visible to logged in users.

In general, we recommend installing the Live snippet as soon as possible so you can use the on-site version of Transifex Live (at Transifex, we use it to translate our own website).

Using Transifex Live inside Transifex

The in-app version of Transifex Live loads your website within Transifex through an iFrame (i.e. your website is displayed within another website). Unlike the on-site version of Live, you aren’t able to save strings from pages that are behind a login, and pages will take a little longer to load.


The in-app version of Live is useful if you don’t have the Live snippet installed on your site yet but would like to start approving strings and working on them.