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Getting Started with Transifex

Transifex helps you manage your translations and automate your localization process. In this guide, you'll learn how to set up a project in Transifex, add your content, translate your content, invite collaborators to help translate, and finally, download your translations. You can follow the slides or read through the instructions below. We won’t go into all the details; instead, we’ll link to relevant articles at the end of each section.

Create your first project

Projects in Transifex house the content you are translating along with all your translations. You can organize projects in any way you like; however, it’s generally best to have separate projects for different types of content, e.g. one project for your iOS app and another for your website.

To create a project:

  • Navigate to your Transifex Dashboard and click Create new project.


  • Complete the project creation form.

  • Click Create project when done.

Upload content

Once you have a project, you can add content for translation.

From the Dashboard, you’ll either be given to upload a file (if you created a File-based project) or add a website (if you created a Live project).


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Invite collaborators

As a collaboration tool for translations, Transifex lets you invite others to your organization and divide responsibilities across a number of user roles. Some will do the translations, while others manage the process.

To invite someone to your organization:

  • Head to the dashboard.

  • Select the project you want to invite someone to help work on.

  • Click Invite collaborators.

  • Fill in the details in the popup. If someone you want to invite doesn’t have a Transifex account yet, we’ll send them an invitation to create an account.


Translate content

Once you’ve uploaded a file or specified a URL, you can start translating your content within Transifex.

File-based projects

  • From the project navigation, select the project you want to translate.

  • Click Translate near the top right. You’ll be taken to the translation editor, the place to add and edit translations. Instructions for using our translation editor can be found here.


For Web Projects

Click Live near the top-right corner of the page. You’ll find instructions for translating with Live in our Transifex Live documentation.


If you're using Transifex Live, please see our Transifex Live documentation for instructions on how to take your translations live.

To download translations for use:

  • Select your project from the project navigation.

  • Click on Resources.

  • Select your resource from the list.

  • Click the ZIP button download icon get_file_color.png#asset:3399 in the header to download all your translation files as a single ZIP file.


Now your translations are ready to be used!

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