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Bigcommerce is an e-commerce platform for SMBs. You can make your Bigcommerce store multilingual using Transifex Live and sell your products worldwide. We have a live example of a localized Bigcommerce store. Use the language drop-down at the bottom right to switch languages.

Below, you'll find instructions for translating your Bigcommerce store.


Transifex Live only works with Bigcommerce storefronts. For example, the home page and product pages. The shopping cart and check out pages will be only partially localized because those pages live under a subdomain different from your storefront's. This is done in order to protect the shopper's security. Before you begin, you must have a Transifex account and a project you will be associating with your site. If you have not already done so, sign up for Transifex here.

Getting the Transifex Live JavaScript Snippet

Before you can use Transifex Live, you must first install the Transifex Live JavaScript snippet on your site. To do this, following the instructions here.

Installing the Live snippet

Once you've gotten the Live snippet, the next step is to install it in Bigcommerce:

  • In your Bigcommerce control panel, go to Setup & Tools → Set up your store → Web Analytics.


  • Check the box next to Google Analytics, then click Save.


  • Click the Google Analytics tab next to the General Settings tab and paste your Transifex Live JavaScript snippet into the Tracking Code field.


  • Click Save and you're on to the next step!

An alternative way to add the JavaScript Snippet to your Bigcommerce store is through the theme. From your control panel, go to Design → Edit HTML/CSS. Then click on HTMLHead.html (this file may have another name depending on the theme) and paste the snippet right after the comment <-- visitor tracking code (if any) -->. Click Save to finish updating the theme head.

Saving content, translating, and publishing

Now that Transifex Live is embedded in your page, you can use Transifex live to save content to Transifex, translate in context, and publish translations on the fly.

Handing dynamic content

Dynamic content like dates, times, and counters (e.g. # of articles, # of comments, etc) should not be translated. When approving phrases in Transifex Live, be sure to ignore these types of nontranslatable dynamic content. If your platform lets you edit the theme, you can mark mark elements of your pages as nontranslatable. To learn how, click here.