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2. Project Workflows

A translation project can be roughly divided into a few steps: pre-translation step, translation, review, and proofreading. Please note that a project workflow applies to an individual project, so you would need to set up project workflows for each project you have in Transifex.


In Transifex, you can do some pre-translation work, to save time and money. The two options available are:

Pre-translation tasks automatically run when you upload new resources or update existing ones.


Translation in Transifex can be done by vendors and freelance translators, by in-house translators, by the community - or a mix of different methods.

Read here about how to set up your Translation Team.

Review and Proofreading

After the translation is done, it is recommended to have the translation reviewed, to ensure the quality. By default, a review step is included into the project workflow in Transifex.

There might be different scenarios of how translation and review step work: your vendor might be doing both (so they mark the translations are translated and reviewed); or your vendor does a translation only and your in-house team member does a review step; or your in-house native speaker does a translation and your vendor’s reviewer does a review.

Proofreading is the final step of a translation workflow. It is up to you to choose whether to include this 3rd quality assurance step in your workflow or not; to include it to a certain project or to all projects.