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Plain Text (txt)

  • File extension: .txt
  • i18n type: TXT

Transifex will create a string for every line in the file.

When a translated file is uploaded to Transifex, strings will be mapped to source strings based on their order in the file. For instance, a string appearing 3rd in the translation file will be mapped to the source string appearing 3rd in the source file.

When downloaded for use, empty translations in the downloaded file are replaced by their corresponding source strings. When downloaded for review or for translation, the downloaded file only contains the reviewed translations (in case of download for review) and all translations (in case of download for translation).

Keep in mind that Transifex accepts only 100% translated files to be uploaded as a translation. Transifex will complain if a file with more or less strings than in the source file is uploaded as a translation.