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Subtitles (srt, sub, sbv)

  • File extensions: .srt, .sub, .sbv
  • i18n type: SRT, SUB, SBV respectively

Transifex supports three subtitle file formats: SubRipSubViewer, and YouTube captions. With the Video Subtitle Editor you can translate SubRip and SubViewer files while watching the video play in the translation editor.

SubRip (.srt)

SubRip is the native subtitle format of the SubRip program. It is one of the most used formats for subtitles, supported by most software video players, many subtitle creation/editing tools and some hardware home media players. YouTube also supports .srt files.

An entry in a .srt file may contain certain HTML tags, like <i>.

SubViewer (.sub)

SubViewer files (.sub) are the native subtitle format of the SubViewer utility.

YouTube Captions (.sbv)

.sbv is the file format outputted by YouTube's Automatic Timing feature which creates automatically timed captions based on a transcript