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  • File extensions: .html, .xhtml
  • i18n_type: HTML, XHTML respectively


Any HTML document or part of one can be uploaded to Transifex.

HTML documents should be translated with the web editor Transifex provides. The reason is that HTML is not a proper i18n format. Offline translation of HTML files is only allowed on the version of the file obtained by downloading it for translation, because Transifex will insert extra information that will help it map the content of the translated document back to the original segments.

In case a segment has not been translated, the corresponding source string will be used instead, so that the resulting document will be complete, even though partially translated.


The XHTML support Transifx provides differs in two ways from the support for HTML:

  • You can only upload parts of a XHTML document.
  • The file must be a valid XHTML document.

For these reasons, we recommend that you always use the HTML file format.


Please note that big paragraphs in the HTML file will result in long source strings for translators, which is hard to work with. Whenever possible, try to break the big paragraphs into smaller ones by simply adding line breaks.