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Chrome i18n

  • File extension: json
  • I18n type: CHROME

This file format is used for localizing Chrome extensions. It's a JSON file, where every key is a new entry and every value is a dictionary with two elements, message and description. The message contains the actual translation string to use and the description serves as a comment to the translators.

    "key1": {
        "message": "Administrators are people that manage the organization.",
        "description": "Additional context"
    "key2": {
        "message": "Keep me up to date with Transifex news",
        "description": "Additional context"
    "key3": {
        "message": "Connect with users on Transifex",
        "description": "Additional context"

Each of the above entries has:

  • A uniquely defined key.
  • A message field where the translatable text is included.
  • A description field where you can add context for your translators. 

An Chrome i18n entry is displayed in Transifex Web Editor as follows: