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Apple strings

  • Associated file extensions: .strings 
  • i18n type: STRINGS
  • Encoding: UTF-16

.strings files are used for localizing macOS and iOS apps.

Sample Data

/* registration information: Username*/
"username" = "Username:";
/* registration information: Password*/
"password" = "Password:";
/* registration information: Email Address*/
"email_address" = "Email Address:";
/* registration information: User Role*/
"user_role" = "User Role";
/* registration information: Phone*/
"phone" = "Phone";
/* registration information: Country*/
"country" = "Country";

Download Options

When you download a .strings from Transifex for use, the file will contain all entries. However, in case there are untranslated entries, those will be filled in with the corresponding source string.

When you download a .strings file for translation, any untranslated entries will be filled in with their corresponding source strings, but they'll be commented out to make it easier for translators to see them.


Lin is a useful helper tool that offers auto-completion in XCode for NSLocalizedString. Check out the Lin website and the GitHub repo.