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Uploading source content to Transifex


You can start using Transifex Native by creating a Transifex Native project.

After the strings have been marked either inside templates or in Python code (for example in Views), you can push them to Transifex.

In order to be able to do so, first make sure your Transifex project secret is in your Django settings file, as described in the setup section, and then simply run:

./ transifex push 

This command works in two phases:

  1. First, it goes through all the files of the current directory (and subdirectories) and collects all translatable strings in memory
  2. Then, it contacts Transifex and pushes the strings with all the metadata to the project (and resource) that is associated with the token you have given during setup

This way, the source strings reach Transifex and become available for translation.