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Delete: Remove Files

We released a stable version of a new Transifex Client, compatible with the API 3.0, and offered as single executable.

Please start using the new Transifex CLI here, since this software is considered deprecated (as of January 2022) and will sunset on Nov 30, 2022.

The tx delete command lets you delete a resource that's on Transifex or translations for a specific language.

Deleting a specific resource

To delete a resource, use the following command line:

$ tx delete -r <project_slug>.<resource_slug>

Deleting translations for specific target languages

To delete translations for a particular language, use the -l option along with the language(s) you want to remove:

$ tx delete -r <project_slug>.<resource_slug> -l en_US,en_AU

If a resource you're trying to delete has existing translations, you'll need to use the --force option to force delete the resource or translation. This is done in order to prevent destructive actions.

Deleting resources in bulk

To delete all resources in a specific project at once, instead of referring to a specific resource_slug, you can use the asterisk character as follows:

tx delete -r project_slug.*
tx delete -r project_slug.\*