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Debug and Traceback

We released a stable version of a new Transifex Client, compatible with the API 3.0, and offered as single executable.

Please start using the new Transifex CLI here, since this software is considered deprecated (as of January 2022) and will sunset on Nov 30, 2022.

The --debug and --traceback options let you diagnose and resolve issues while using the Transifex Client. Both are used along with another command and preceed the command to be executed.


The --debug option generates a step-by-step report of the executed command. It also includes the content of the files to be processed. For example:

$ tx --debug push -s
Path to tx is /Users/<username>/<myproject>.
Config file is /Users/<username>/<myproject>/.tx/config
.transifexrc file is at /Users/<username>
Language mapping is: Flipdict({})
Using host
Pushing translations for resource <project_slug>.<resource_slug>
Statistics response is {
    "en_US": {
          "reviewed_percentage": "0%",
          "completed": "100%",
          "untranslated_words": 0,
          "last_commiter": "<username>",
          "reviewed": 0,
          "translated_entities": 89,
          "translated_words": 272,
          "last_update": "2015-07-09 09:57:00",
          "untranslated_entities": 0


Be sure to put --debug before the command.


The --traceback option reveals any possible errors encountered during command execution. It can be used to identify any mistakes in your resource files.

$ tx --traceback push -s


Be sure to put --traceback before the command.