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Debug and Traceback

The --debug and --traceback options let you diagnose and resolve issues while using the Transifex Client. Both are used along with another command and preceed the command to be executed.


The --debug option generates a step-by-step report of the executed command. It also includes the content of the files to be processed. For example:

$ tx --debug push -s
Path to tx is /Users/<username>/<myproject>.
Config file is /Users/<username>/<myproject>/.tx/config
.transifexrc file is at /Users/<username>
Language mapping is: Flipdict({})
Using host
Pushing translations for resource <project_slug>.<resource_slug>
Statistics response is {
    "en_US": {
          "reviewed_percentage": "0%",
          "completed": "100%",
          "untranslated_words": 0,
          "last_commiter": "<username>",
          "reviewed": 0,
          "translated_entities": 89,
          "translated_words": 272,
          "last_update": "2015-07-09 09:57:00",
          "untranslated_entities": 0


Be sure to put --debug before the command.


The --traceback option reveals any possible errors encountered during command execution. It can be used to identify any mistakes in your resource files.

$ tx --traceback push -s


Be sure to put --traceback before the command.