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FAQs About the Client

Can I use the client behind a proxy?

To use tx behind a proxy to connect to Transifex, you must export your proxy info into an local environment variable with the following commands:

$ export http_proxy="proxy:port"
$ export https_proxy="proxy:port"
$ export http_proxy="user:passwd@proxy:port"
$ export https_proxy="user:passwd@proxy:port"

I got an HttpNotAuthorized error. What does it mean?

If you get an "HttpNotAuthorized: Authorization Required" error message after running a tx command, this means the Transifex client cannot access the projects needed. In this case, check for two things:

  1. Whether the credentials in your ~/.transifexrc file are correct. If needed, edit the file directly and update your credentials.
  2. Whether the account associated with the credentials in your config file has permission to access the project. You can verify this by logging in to Transifex and checking whether the project shows up in the dashboard. If you're trying to push files to a project, then you must also be a Maintainer of the project.