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Translation Memory

Using TMX files it is possible to update or get the entries from the Translation Memory (TM) of a project.

Uploading and downloading Translation Memory (TM)

URL: /project/<project_slug>/tm/exchange


Return a TMX file for the project with all its TM entries in all languages available. The following parameters can be used to filter out results from the dataset.

  • language - Include only translation entries in the language specified by the language code, e.g 'pt_BR'. Only one language code can be expecified.
  • untranslated - Boolean flag to tell, whether entries with no translation should be included in the TMX file.
$ curl -i -L --user api:<token> -X GET


Update the TM for the project with the entries of the uploaded TMX file.


Upload a TMX file for a project

$ curl -i -L --user api:<token> -F file=@tm/memory1.tmx -X PUT