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Translation Memory

We are deprecating the API versions namely API v2 and v2.5, to make way for the more usable and maintainable API v3.

As of Nov 30, 2022, API versions, 2 and 2.5 will no longer be operational and relevant requests will begin to fail.

Using TMX files it is possible to update or get the entries from the Translation Memory (TM) of a project.

Uploading and downloading Translation Memory (TM)

URL: /project/<project_slug>/tm/exchange


Return a TMX file for the project with all its TM entries in all languages available. The following parameters can be used to filter out results from the dataset.

  • language - Include only translation entries in the language specified by the language code, e.g 'pt_BR'. Only one language code can be expecified.
  • untranslated - Boolean flag to tell, whether entries with no translation should be included in the TMX file.
$ curl -i -L --user api:<token> -X GET


Update the TM for the project with the entries of the uploaded TMX file.


Upload a TMX file for a project

$ curl -i -L --user api:<token> -F file=@tm/memory1.tmx -X PUT