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Resource Strings

The Resource strings endpoint allows the retrieval and update of metadata of source strings.

Editing string comments, character limit, and tags

URL: /project/<project_slug>/resource/<resource_slug>/source/<source_string_hash>/

Information on how source string hashes are generated can be found here.


Return a JSON object containing the following keys:

  • comment - Instructions about the string for translators
  • character_limit - Maximum number of characters permitted in a translation without including the variables
  • tags - List of tags that can be used to filter out and group strings


Can be used to update the following source string metadata fields:

  • comment
  • character_limit
  • tags


$ curl -i -L --user username:password  -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
--data '{"comment": "Foo string", "tags": ["foo"], "character_limit": 140}' \