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We are deprecating the API versions namely API v2 and v2.5, to make way for the more usable and maintainable API v3.

As of April 7th, 2022 the API versions 2 and 2.5 will no longer be operational and relevant requests will begin to fail.

Fetch the details of all the i18n formats supported by Transifex.

Fetching file format details

URL: /formats/


The answer to the request is JSON-encoded and contains the fields description, mimetype, file-extensions for each i18n format supported by Transifex.

Example reply:

$ curl -i -L --user api:<token> -X GET

    "YML_KEY": {
        "mimetype": "text/plain",
        "file-extensions": ".yml, .yaml",
        "description": "YAML Files based on the content"
    "PHP_INI_KEY": {
        "mimetype": "text/plain",
        "file-extensions": ".ini",
        "description": "PHP INI Files based on content"
    "XLIFF": {
        "mimetype": "text/xml",
        "file-extensions": ".xlf, .xliff, .xml",
        "description": "XLIFF file"