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Introduction to API 3.0

These new API endpoints are currently available for public Preview as Transifex develops a new version of API, and requires authentication with a bearer token. Until declared Generally Available, some endpoints may not be implemented yet and some may change. A detailed documentation guide for this new API version can be found here. On the current page, you can find only a brief summary of what has been implemented so far.


  • Get user details [GET]. Get the details of the user specified by the required path parameter user_id.


Represents Transifex's organizations. Every user can be a member of one or multiple organizations. Only the organizations the authenticated user belongs to will appear here.



Represents projects, as used within Transifex. Each project belongs to an organization


Represents a resource that holds source strings. Resources belong to a specific project in Transifex

  • List resources [GET]. Get a list of all resources (in a specific project)
  • Create new resource [POST]. Making a POST request to this endpoint creates a resource without content. This step is performed synchronously so you don't have to verify that resource creation succeeded afterwards. In order to upload content, see the /resource_strings_async_uploads endpoint.
  • Get resource details [GET]. Get details of a specific resource.

Resource Strings

Resource String Comments

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