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API Change Log

Outdated article

All developer documentation has moved to Transifex Developer Hub. Read this article here.

Jul 2021

  • Single and multiple deletions of resource strings
  • Creation of one or more resource strings

Jun 2021

  • The pseudo optional attribute for the /resource_translations_async_downloads endpoint is deprecated. It is now available as an optional parameter for the /resource_strings_async_downloads endpoint
  • Modes untranslated, proofread, onlyproofread added for the /resource_translations_async_downloads endpoint

May 2021

  • File type json added for the /resource_translations_async_downloads endpoint

Apr 2021

  • 1 year deprecation period for API v2 and API v2.5 is announced

Feb 2021

  • All date request parameters and response attributes were changed to datetime except for:
    • the respective date related filters only for /resource_strings endpoint and /resource_translations endpoint, where the name remained the same (e.g. strings_date_modified, date_translated_gt), but they now accept both date and datetime values.
    • Activity Reports request parameters remained as they are (date_from, date_to)
  • The /resources endpoint now contains a relationship to the i18n format type, instead of the i18n type being just an attribute.
  • The /i18n_formats endpoint is introduced.
  • Asynchronous file uploads: Instead of the 303 response status code, the 200 response status code became more verbose, containing information about the status of the file upload action.
  • A throttling mechanism is introduced (see response status code 429 in the API documentation).
  • The /resource_strings endpoint returns context as String instead of Array of strings.