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We are deprecating the API versions namely API v2 and v2.5, to make way for the more usable and maintainable API v3.

As of Nov 30, 2022, API versions, 2 and 2.5 will no longer be operational and relevant requests will begin to fail.

The organizations endpoint handles READ operations for organizations you belong to.



This request is used to get a list of organizations you are involved with.

The response is a dictionary with information about each organization:

  • id- the id of the organization
  • slug - the URL slug of the organization
  • name - the name of the organization
  • description - the description of the organization
  • administrators - the username(s) of the Organization Admins
  • created - timestamp of when the organization was created
  • last_update - timestamp of when the organization's details were last modified
  • private - whether the organization is private or not
  • logo_url - the URL of the organization's logo


curl -i --user api:<token> -X GET

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
        "id": 12345,
        "slug": "org_slug",
        "name": "Organization Name",
        "description": "",
        "administrators": [
        "created": "2017-05-07T21:22:07.965",
        "last_update": "2017-05-07T21:22:07.965",
        "private": true,
        "logo_url": ""