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Managing Subscription

Viewing Subscription Details

You can see a summary of the current word count of your Transifex account in the Subscription page by following the steps below:

  • Click on your organization drop-down menu (next to your profile icon)

  • Click Subscription


The subscription page looks like this:subscription2.png#asset:5104

If you scroll down, you’ll see a breakdown of words per project (source words, total words, number of languages per project). 


This table gives you an overview of:

  • the number of projects your organization has. The projects are categorized by type (private and open source);
  • the number of languages that each project has;
  • the number of source words per project and the number of hosted words.

To better manage your capacity in the system, we recommend reviewing your Subscription page on a regular basis. By looking at the breakdown of words per project, you can identify which projects take up the most capacity, which projects have more languages than they should etc.

For example, your Project A has 9 languages, while in reality you translate only into 2 languages - it would be a good idea to delete the other project languages, decreasing the word count of this project.

Reducing Organization Word Count

There are several options to reduce your organization's word count in Transifex, in order to comply with the chosen subscription plan:

  • You can go through your hosted projects in Transifex and check if some of your resources are outdated. You can delete the resource files and decrease the word count.

  • You can remove target languages that are not in use.

  • You can archive old projects. It reduces the project’s contribution to your organization’s word capacity by 75%. 

    For example, a project with 40,000 words would only count as 10,000 words after it's been archived.

  • You can delete your projects.

If your organization’s word count exceeds the limit set as per your subscription plan, your organization will be locked and your work will be no longer possible in Transifex. 

The account is locked after 3 days after the first violation of the word count. Administrators of the organization will receive notification emails before and after the organization is locked.

Please contact us in case you need assistance.

We recommend going to your Subscription page and monitoring your word count capacity on a regular basis.