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Adjusting Email Notifications

By default, Transifex sends in-app and email notifications for important events that happen within the platform. Inside your users settings, you can control which events you get notified about via email. 

To change your email notification settings:

  • In the main navigation, click on your profile image in the top right corner.

  • From the dropdown menu, select User Settings

  • In the left menu, click on Notification settings. You’ll see all the notification categories on the right hand side.

  • Click on a category name to reveal the available email notifications. Uncheck any you wish to stop receive. In some cases, there’s only an On/Off toggle next to the category name. Use the toggle to switch off any notifications.

    Notification settings

  • Hit Save Changes at the top to confirm the changes.


You can only change which email notifications you receive. For now, in-app notification settings cannot be changed.