Client installation

Client installation on Mac OS X and Linux

The Transifex Client is written in Python, so it runs on most systems. Like most Python development tools, you probably want to install it inside a virtualenv (with a virtualenv wrapper), but you can surely install it as root using sudo as well.

Making a virtual environment named project_name

mkvirtualenv project_name

The easiest way to install it is with pip.

pip install transifex-client

If you don't have pip installed, you can install it as follows:

user% curl -O
root# python

If the above link doesn't work, try:

Upgrading the Client

root# pip install --upgrade transifex-client

If you are encountering errors, please make sure you are using version 0.11.1.beta. You can find your version using `tx --version` command.

Installing the client from source

Just grab the code from GitHub and run the install script:

user% git clone
user% cd transifex-client
root# python install

Client installation on Windows

The Transifex Client is also available for Windows. You can download the latest version from:

This executable is standalone and does not need to be installed.

To use it, download and place the executable inside your project's root folder, open the command prompt, and change the directory to your project. If your folder is located at:


You would enter the command:

cd C:\Users\<username>\Documents\project_name

The `tx` command will be `tx.exe` in Windows.